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A downloadable game for Windows

A Tower defense game in which you must help your Pumpkin garden fight off the Ghost invasion. Made for the Summer 2017 GMTK game jam.

The theme was Dual purpose design; Using 1 mechanic to serve multiple purposes. In SAAP your pumpkins are your health, and your defense towers. Smashing your pumpkins is the only way to get more seeds, as well as activate some of the pumpkins abilities. Letting Ghosts smash some of your pumpkins is also the only way you can get special "mutant" seeds (at least in the beginning), which grow pumpkins with different abilities.

3rd Party tools and assets:

  • Game engine - Love2D: Lua based game engine (license)
  • Sound tool - Bfxr: Simple 8-bit sfx generator (license)
  • Music - Sim Gretina - Breath (license)

Author(s): Me!

More information

Published 3 days ago
Tags16-bit, farming, ghosts, Tower Defense

Install instructions


  • Download and unzip to a folder you can remember
  • Run SAAP.exe to play!


  • Not available


Download (44 MB)

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